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Labiaplasty Testimonials

Hi Dr. Stern,

You did my surgery around a year and a half ago and I wanted to tell you how much it has changed my life! You didn't charge me anything and you helped me overcome my past. I am so thankful for you and your heart of giving. I have been able to put things behind me and start over and i wanted to let you know that because of you, I have been living my life to the fullest and I am expecting a baby now!! I am so thankful and so happy with my life and myself because of you. And i still have to send you a US Navy tshirt! Much love!



Heart of an Angel, Expertise of a Stellar Physician
by Amy Anne on Feb 29th, 2016
Dr. Bernard Stern is very competent, caring, intelligent and perceptive medical doctor. Like many moms, I had some personal female-related concerns after the delivery of my third baby. So, I went to visit Dr. Stern. Dr. Stern first normalized my experience by showing me over 100 photos of situations similar to mine. He explained what the ideal artistic medical procedure would be for each. He asked for my involvement in writing his plan for my need. We decided to plan a day for surgery. He was very accommodating by explaining that he would give me his cell phone number for concerns before or after surgery. He also promised that he would answer his phone or return the call. I did call him twice before the surgery to discuss my anxiety. He realized that it was PMS and determined to change the date of my surgery to accommodate a time of the month that I would be more at ease. Then, surgery went as planned. Dr. Stern spoke to me throughout so that my concerns about bleeding and what exactly was happening were addressed (not even real issues). He called to be sure I arrived home comfortably after a two hour ride. Then, he texted for updates and provided timely suggestions for comfort for the next 72 hours. One week later, I had a question. He called me back within minutes even while he was sick with the flu. Dr. Stern's bedside manner is extremely professional, timely, consistent and perceptive. As a female with an advanced graduate degree, I tend to scrutinize and judge other professionals critically. And, I say with much confidence, any teenage girl with specific related concerns, any mom who has post-baby physical issues and any woman who desires to fulfill her own special dream, should pursue her procedure with Dr. Bernard Stern.
Feb 26th, 2016
I am a 20 year old girl and I used to feel very self conscious about my labia. I thought it was too big and it honestly felt so uncomfortable too. I finally asked my gynecologist about labiaplasty and told her if she could recommend some doctors. She said her last patient went to Dr. Stern and that the results were great. So I called and made an appointment for a consultation that same week. Before I went in, I looked online at some reviews and yes it's true there are some negative reviews and they REALLY scared me at first. I was even considering canceling the consultation. But I went anyway and I trusted him right away. He made me feel very comfortable and I went through with the surgery. IT's been 6 weeks now since my labiaplasty and I can honestly say that whoever writes the bad reviews about Dr. Stern have not been one if his patients. They are probably competitors, other doctors, or people out to get him for some reason. But after my surgery I can tell you that the results are perfect. He took out just the right amount... He followed up with me after the surgery twice. I texted him if I had a concern and he answered right away. The staff was so pleasant. From the girls who work at the desk, to the nurses. Everyone was just so nice and it was an environment that I felt extremely comfortable in.
Best Surgery!
Feb 4th, 2016
I came to see Dr. Stern back in April 2015 because I could tell that things were much more loose than before I had children. Sex for me was always amazing. After an extensive and informative consultation with Dr. Stern, I decided to not only do my vaginal rejuvenation but also my labiaplasty. This was the best decision I've ever made. My recovery was fast and easy and now sex is better than ever! Dr. Stern is the best!

Dear Bernie,

I feel I should be able to call u that after u rebuilt my entire downstairs lol. Today is the first day I don't want to kill someone and I can sincerely thank you. You're the greatest it means a lot to love your surgeon, especially when they're fixing your peach.

I'll continue to update you on my progress. Who said Rome wasn't built in a day? My Mom thanks u too as it's the first day she doesn't want to suffocate me with a pillow.

Have a great day ;)
Hi Dr Stern,

Well I don't know if my words can encapsulate this message.
Dr Stern you have given me back a massive part of my life.
I believe sex is one of the most important parts of a relationship and you have made it possible for me to have an amazing sexual
relationship. I feel like a woman again. I feel sexy. I feel I have something to give.
After seeing a whole bunch of conservative Doctors/surgeons here in Australia, I thank God for you literally. It is really a gift what you have done. There is no price I could put on this surgery.
Thank you Thank you Thank you. :)
I haven't forgotton about sending some photos. I will wait until the clitoral/labia minora has settled.
You're a legend!
You understand a lady!
Warmest Regards,
Hi Dr. Stern!!!
I just wanted to take a few minutes to Thank You for being such a wonderful doctor and for all the awesome work you did on me.  I can't thank you enough.  You are the best and I am so thankful for you and your staff!  Everyone made me feel very comfortable and the things you did for me are going to be life changing in so many ways.B.P.
I really would like to take you out for dinner the next time I am in Florida!  You did so much for me and I truly am thankful.  Wow!  That's how I describe you. You are the best!
Hey Dr. Stern:
How are you?  It's L--- B---. My labiaplasty is absolutely AMAZING!! Results came out BEAUTIFUL, you are a magician. I love it, love it, love it!!!!
 Good evening Dr. Stern,
I just wanted to let U know how thankful I am 4 the "clipping of my wings."  ...Beautiful job  and feeling great!  I love my new "lips!" Have a wonderful trip.Love,~Yos...
Hi DR. Stern,
You did my labiaplasty 4 days ago.I have had no pain whatsoever.I hav'nt touched my pain medication.I hav'nt even had to take a Tylenol.My swelling is gone.I just have a little discomfort from my stitches.I cannot believe how good I feel.If I knew it would have been this easy I would have done it years ago! I will send you pictures soon.Thanks so much.You and all of your staff were great.I am so glad I chose you to do my surgery.I would highly reccomend this surgery and you as a surgeon.
Thanks again!
Dear Dr. Stern-
This email if for you to share with all women who are thinking about receiving a labiaplasty or any other type of surgery from you!
To any woman debating on a labiaplasty:
I am a 22 year old female who had been debating on a labiaplasty for the last two years.  Finally one day I decided it was time to go through with it and get it done.  I searched long and hard on the internet reading about this procedure, looking at all the pros and cons, and deciding who was the best surgeon in S. Florida to do it. 
After many years of looking I finally decided to meet with the wonderful Dr. Stern!  Man, was that the BEST decision I have EVER made.  I went to him in Feb. of 2009 and had my free consult.  As soon as I walked in Dr. Stern and Lilly made me feel right at home.  I was SO nervous and as soon as I sat down they talked to me like we were best friends and that seriously helped calm me down.  After talking to them and getting to know them a lilttle better I decided I was defintely going to get the surgery. 
I received my surgery on April 1, 2009 and by April 2 I was feeling fine and by April 3 I was walking around just fine.  Even one hour after surgery I was already in love with my new "lips."  I took only ONE pain pill and after that I was feeling good enough to not need anymore.  The first day was the worst.  The only real pain I experienced was going to the bathroom.  It burned a lot.  But after the first day it got a lot easier and by the third day I was fine.  In just a few days I was so happy with my results I could not have asked for more. 
The surgery went well, Dr. Stern and Lilly did an amazing job and I am SO very pleased with my results.  I am no longer in discomfort down there and no longer self conscious.  I HIGHLY recommend this surgery to any woman who is unhappy or uncomfortable down there.  Dr. Stern is AMAZING and will take great care of you.... THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. STERN!  You are the best :)  love love loveee my new.... you know!
Dear Doctor Stern,
I can't begin to explain the difference in me. I feel like a better person.  And most of all...I am finally HAPPY!
Thank you so much for giving me my life back!
Love you so much,

Dr. Stern,I wanted to thank you for talent & skill.  I'm a labiaplasty patient from your Alexandria office and it's been 2 months since my June procedure. I've been meaning to write you to let you know how pleased I am with the result.  I healed quickly, there was minimal discomfort immediately after the procedure and the look and feel of my vaginal lips is now so natural that I'm utterly thrilled.
I didn't have a chance to meet you or speak to you prior to the weekend of the procedure, but felt confident from the start due to your skill & reputation.  Your bedside manner and personality is engaging, professional, well-informed and made me feel comfortable from the very start.  Your staff was friendly, accomodating, genuine & caring.  I felt well-taken care of the entire weekend of the procedure.
Again, I'm so pleased with the outcome and relieved that you are a skilled & talented surgeon.  I've read on-line about the disappointment of patients of other, less skilled surgeons and am so glad that I did the research and found the best labiaplasty surgeon in the country in you, Dr. S.  I was a fast healer, and was able to get back to normal activities quicker than I expected.  The dissolving sutures and aftercare gel made my recovery very easy and painless.  I'd do it all over again with no reservations!
I'm so glad to have found you, thrilled that I had the procedure, and ecstatic with my result. Thank you for your service,C.B, VA
Dr Stern,
I just went to the doctor, gyno, and for the FIRST time I wasn't embarrassed or worried about what they would think when they looked at me.  It was AMAZING!!!
Dear Dr Stern & Nancy,
Thank you so much for your help, support, and care.
This will change my WHOLE WORLD!!!
I am eternally grateful to you!!
All our love,
S. + K. ( UK)
Dear Dr. Stern
Thank you Dr. Stern for making me realize that there are several other woman who are unhappy with the appearance of their labia, and it is totally normal. Anyone who has ever been the slightest bit uncomfortable with the appearance of their labia, should not wait any longer to beautify their "wings". There was almost no pain, just a little discomfort. I underwent the procedure on a Friday and was back to work on Monday with no problem, and no one had a clue. I finally feel sexy walking around naked not worrying about my hanging labia. No more uncomfortable moments trying to move it out of the way during sex. I couldn't be happier. You are amazing and after I have a couple more children I will be back for a vaginal tightening !!! Thanks again. xoxoxo

Vaginoplasty Testimonials

Vaginal Rejuvenation
by Emmy on Feb 22nd, 2016
Well let me start by saying that I had surgery recently with Dr. Stern and he is a very nice and lovable Doctor as well as his staff... I was kind of shy to open up about my problem but Dr. Stern made me feel at ease almost immediately and I was able to explain to him what I was having problems with and he guided me through what I should get done.... Well surgery day came and it went well and I was so ecstatic to see results... Recovery time came by and I had a question or two So I contacted Dr. Stern and he answer the phone just like he said he would before I had surgery.... Anyways so after my recovery time, the moment of truth, I am so amazed and I can't believe how I felt when I was making love to my husband, it's like nothing I ever felt before and believe me I have two kids..but this is not normal sex's like extacy but without the drug.. We didn't have to do a lot of movements to feel what we both wanted...I was speechless and full of joy when my husband told me for the first time how good it felt and he's attitude has even changed because he wants more and more....the best sex I've had in my 32 years.... I want to thank you so much Dr. Stern and i recommend anyone to come see him.... He is an outstanding Doctor.


And...just a quick note to tell you how happy my husband + I are with the results of my surgery!  The sexual intimacy we share together has been exponentially elevated thanks to the rejuvenation procedure.  I want to tell everyone...well, almost everyone!Thanks xoooooooooo much!
Dr Stern, Just a hello and THANK YOU!  I’m so happy!  Not only does my husband want to bow down to you…but so do I!  We enjoy each othher so much more than we ever did before! After having children I did not think it was possible to restore what I had before…especially somethiing even better.  I’ve never been so happy and comfortable with myself.
Dr. Stern,
My wife K. forwarded me your email. I should have emailed you sooner. K. had her vaginoplasty in February and we waited the several weeks before having sex.  Wow !  What a difference.
We just happened to be surfing thru tv channels one night and caught the very end of a program that talked about this procedure. I started researching it on the net and when we decided to do it we wanted to find an extremely qualified, skilled and experienced surgeon. I looked quite extensively before I came across you. If more people knew about you and what you do - you wouldn't have enough time in the day to fill the demand.
It has made a tremendous difference.Thanks for all you've done,
From an on-line blog:  Anyone know of Dr Bernard Stern's work?
sg--: I've heard good things, I just want to hear what you have heard and what recovery is like with his technique.  Please let me know if you can offer any help.
laf---: He did me in April and he tightened you all the way!  My sex life is great, you will be sore and it will be painful the first time you have sex. ...My sex life wasn't bad before but I knew it could be better so I found the best, which was him!  My husband's veins were popping out of his head when we were having sex!  The staff is great.  He wasn't going to work that Saturday, but for me, he called all his staff and opened for me because I couldn't come that Friday, and he has all kinds of pics....GIRL, go get your tight kitty back; you will feel like you're on top of the world!
Dear Dr. Stern,
I first of all want to thank you very much for the surgery.  I'm happy because no matter what, I know you make one of my dreams come true, and I know I went 2 the best doctor in the world! G-d bless you for having such nice hands and heart...Thank you Dr Stern.  Love you very much!~Y.N.
To: Bernard H Stern MD
Subject: If I wasnt getting fixed, I'd name my next born after you!
Well I have to say you are amazing! It took a bit more than I thought, but things are getting back to normal. We finally were able to reach full penetration 2 days ago. S--- was so sore that we had to hold off until tonight to try again. She said it still hurt like hell to start, but is getting better. She did bleed a little from the first time and a little this time, so I hope we are not pushing it to fast.
Now for my confession of love for you. I'm sure S--- would better be suited to write you a letter you could post on your site, but mine is more a thank you!
But hey, if i'ts my imagination, so be it.... Well you made my wife tigher vaginally than anyone I have ever been with in any manner of speaking, period! Once I got in all the way, I didn't even have to move and it felt so amazing that I thought I was dieing! We used so much lube that she was drenched in it and she was still so tight that just small movement were off the charts. I finished so hard that I was close to screaming your name instead of hers :).
I can't thank you enough. I am so glad we found you and that was money well spent. Any man would be a fool to pass up an opportunity like what you offer!
I can only imagine how it will be once she is able to enjoy it will zero discomfort. I feel bad that she is in any pain at all, but I am sure it will be short term and then we will both be fully enjoying the glory of your work.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart,

Combination Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty Testimonials

...but having such FEELING down there when NOTHING is even IN there!  WOW. Incredible, what you have returned to me is truly priceless, and my gratitude is boundless! Great job, Doc, you are my hero and loved second only to my fantastic husband! I AM a 40 year old virgin!Dr Bernie, I commend you on your choice of staff and offices. The atmosphere and staff at both offices were great – I was surprised at how wellcome and comfortable I felt in spite of the fact that I╲m probably not your typical type of patient!Thank you thank you thank you for your part in my sexual re(dis)covery!
Hey Dr. Bernie,
I am sad that I am no longer your favorite patient; regardless, you are still my favorite doctor.
I am no 40 year old 16 year old virgin any more! To the hour, Rosebud had her 6 week confirmation this morning. It was painful at first, but we were very slow and gentle, and WOW, are you ever good at your job!
Just so you know, that was never in question, it was just that the stitches were all bitches (and underneath some are still working their way out), but that information notwithstanding, I am still SO glad I picked you to do my surgery!
I am not kidding. You made me perfectly inside. I have a custom va-jay-jay!
How much do I love you? Let me count the ways:
    My husband can now get me off with one finger!
    His moneymaker snuggles right up to my sweet spot in the NICEST way!
    I have not had the problem with vaginal odor since the surgery (pre-surgery, this recurred within an hour of taking a shower). My theory is that my ╳self-cleaning oven╹ was broken and you fixed it.
    I now have the confidence to allow my husband to look at my vagina and even perform oral sex! I even call his attention to it!
    I no longer have discomfort when I wear blue jeans.
    There is nothing blocking entry during intercourse.
    You were very supportive during my recovery.
How does my husband love you? Ditto items 1-4. Also apply item 5 and 6 (because he doesn╲t have to listen to me whine about it any more) as well as item 7, because I was really scared and in pain, and you were always there for me.
The baths were a lifesaver. My worries lessened with each stitch that came out, because I came to understand that they were the reason for the continued discomfort and irritation down there. I hated every one of them until they came out, because once the surgery pain left, they became individually noticeable, but I am still grateful you used that kind. Otherwise I think sneezing may have ripped me apart, if my predisposal to ╳spitting╹ stitches hadn╲t done so first.
Thanks for everything, Doc. You are still always welcome at our home. And I still love you second only to my husband!~M.V.
DR. Stern!!
I underwent a vaginoplasty and labiaplasty August 8th in D.C.  Since I live in N.H., I am not able to come for a follow up visit, but I just wanted to say "Thank you!"
I wanted to say it before, but decided to wait until I "tested" it out, and I have to say we are very happy with the results.  I feel like whatever I say will sound just like your many other emails, but oh well.  I want you to hear it from me!  Thank you! You gave me back a very important part of my sexuality. Sex was depressing for me because I could feel the looseness and it made me not want it.  You saved me!  Thank you!You are an awesome doctor and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for improving the most important part of my body!  God bless you.
And thank you for taking the time out to return my calls and to talk with me about everything.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Dr. Bernard,
What made me decided to fly all the way from California to Florida to have you do my surgery is because:
1) I was able to call your cell phone anytime if I had questions.
2) You were very prompt responding to my emails.
3) You provided a past client/reference for me to talk to reassure me about my decision.
After the surgery, I had no complications. My healings were on target.
Was it worth it? Yes!!! Thank you for what you did. I never realized I was missing all those feelings during sex.
I can feel everything now, and sex is so much more satisfying then ever before. It feels even better than my pre-baby years.
It's a totally win-win situation for me because my husband is enjoying the new me just as much as I am. For anyone who is considering labiaplasty of rejuvention, you will not regret it. I did both and will happily pay $200 a month for the next several years.
Dr Bernie,
Hey there, The One, The Only, Truly The Man Whom Has Changed MY Life! ok, ok I better clerify equal to my husband...
Where has the time gone, I can't believe it has been 8 months since my surgery. It may have taken me this long to have written my gratitude to you, but I have written and re-written my Thank you's in my head daily and will continue to do so. It is so beautiful, my only sadness is I can't show it off to others. My husband may leave me and people may have me thrown in jail. I am just that excited about it, it is fabulous once again. You are truly a talented surgeon and because of your dedication you have made me beautiful again. I will always carry you in my heart.
Thank you, T...



Email Dr. Stern:



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