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Labiaplasty & Vaginoplasty Training for Qualified Surgeons

How Does A Surgeon Get Proper Training and Credentialing?

Why do some surgeons do simply wonderful, artistic work, and others end up disappointing patients or dealing with medical liability claims. The answer is simple; successful surgeons are either very experienced (hundreds, if not thousands of cases), or they have been personally trained by one of the recognized gurus of the cosmetic vulvo-vaginal gynecology field. How can you, a competent surgeon, get the additional training from an industry expert to become a true performer?

Why Should I Enroll In Labiaplasty or Vaginoplasty Education Credentialing?

Board-Certified or Board-Eligible Plastic, Gynecologic, Urogynecologic or Cosmetic Surgeons can qualify for the program.

• Plastic/cosmetic surgeons are expanding into labiaplasty and in some cases, vaginoplasty, to help them with overall patient acquisition. It is not uncommon for plastic/cosmetic surgeons to perform other aesthetic procedures in addition to labiaplasty and vaginoplasty such as liposuction, collagen, Botox, face work and breast augmentation. Additional training can enhance overall practice revenue and patient satisfaction.

• Many gynecologists and urogynocologists may seek labiaplasty and vaginoplasty training to better balance their practice revenue model, enabling them to supplement their non-elective revenue (from insurance) with the greater compensation and practice freedom elective aesthetic procedures provide outside of the insurance model.

Who Are the Instructors and Where Are Courses Offered?

All instructors in the women’s genital plastic/cosmetic surgery training program are Board-Certified Gynecologists or Plastic surgeons. All are well experienced in cosmetic labiaplasty (Minora/Majora), clitoral hood reduction, and the vaginal tightening operations of perineorrhaphy/aesthetic perineoplasty, including site-specific posterior repairs and, importantly, the overall vaginal tightening procedure identified as “vaginoplasty,” or “vaginal rejuvenation.” All instructors have performed a minimum of >500 labiaplasties and >100 vaginoplasties.

Instructor-in-Chief, Michael Goodman M.D., FACOG, IF, AACS, NCMP, CCD is a Board-Certified Gynecologist, Sexual Medicine practitioner, Associate of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons, the author of 6 peer-reviewed contributions to the genital plastic literature, and the Editor-in-Chief of the medical textbook presently in production from Wiley-Blackwell, “Female Genital Plastic/Aesthetic Surgery.” Dr. Goodman has performed >500 labiaplasty procedures, and > 100 vaginal tightening surgeries, the vast majority in the office under local tumescent anesthesia. He has instructed preceptors from 7 states and 3 foreign countries. To view a prospectus of Dr. Goodman click here. Class size is limited to 1-2 physicians, depending on the program selected.

Classroom Training In Surgical Technique And Patient Selection Is Currently Being Offered On Both Coasts With A New Surgical Training Facility In The Midwest Coming At Year’s End.

Current Training Location:

Northern California, (Davis, Ca, 50 miles East of San Francisco; 20 miles West of Sacramento)

All involve didactic training followed by surgical training in the Operating Room/Suite (Center) observing surgery on actual patients. Finally, the program wraps up with one-half day summary and marketing overview, including enhanced marketing tactics and patient acquisition from leads and telephone calls generated by your presence on, and, as well as increasing traffic from your own enhanced site, bolstered by the marketing tips you will receive.

Additionally, for a limited time, the training program offers course graduates free presence on the page-one, top-ranked web portals;,, and These are frequently-visited Internet portals dedicated to female genital plastics, guaranteed to generate patient acquisition and practice income. Surgeons who have the vision to realize that the potential revenue increases to their practice from training are those who will benefit the most. The FCGS elective procedural area has expanded by 30% in one year (according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons who has tracked their membership in the surgical area of Vaginoplasty). It is the fastest growing area in aesthetic medicine and eclipses every other elective surgical procedure but two (ASPS Media Center). Completion of your course will assure you’ll gain BOTH the training AND immediate patient revenue streams by securing your place on the most respected and visited global websites addressing FCGS (Feminine Cosmetic Genital Surgery).

How Do I Begin The Process And What Is Involved?

Step one—secure your place in the program by returning the application for training, below, or contacting us via the web portal.

Step two—one of the surgeon trainers will coordinate the surgical and training schedule with you. Travel arrangement assistance is available free of charge.

Step three—once your training is complete, you’ll receive a certificate of training as well as inclusion into the web portal(s) so you may begin to accept patients immediately.

What Should I Expect after Training Is Completed and I’ve Been Included in the Web Portals?

Once you’ve completed your training and been added to,, and web portals, your next question may be:

“When can I expect to see some revenue and return on my training investment?”

Generally speaking, you’ll probably do one or perhaps two cases a month after an estimated cultivation period of 2-6 months—depending on your geographic area and how well your practice is prepared to counsel potential new patients in these elective procedures (the training program helps you and your staff with these delicate patient “counselor” aspects—you may bring one member of your office team to training if you wish.) This may be followed by additional cases as information about your new surgical capability propagates and is helped by promotional efforts on the web portals.

Below are our educated estimates of typical expectations from surgeons who are trained in and on the web portal websites.

First Six Months—
Expect to do no more than 3-5 cases, averaging $5,000 per case = $20,000

Second Six Months—
It is common for surgeons trained and included in the web site to average 1.5 cases per month during the second six months of their first year with our training, at an average of $5,000 per case = $45,000 projected income.

Total Projected Annual Income (first year)—
$60,000. Savvy, well-trained surgeons with good patient skills and patient experiences can expect to gross an average of ~ $125-$250,000 or significantly more, after the first year.

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Written by our Staff and Reviewed by TriAxial Board of Advisors
November 18, 2016

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