Experience Counts

How Important Is Genital Surgical Experience?

Surgical Techniques Vary, Experience Varies, and Talent Varies.

Normally, you’d not hire an electrician to work on your house’s plumbing.  Nor would you hire a carpenter to do your landscaping.  Yes, both are building and construction professionals, but their expertise varies considerably and they have different skill sets.  Sadly, people make this same mistake when they hire a surgeon who has not demonstrated either sufficient surgical experience in a specific area, such as labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, or clitoral unhooding . . . or one who has not been correctly trained in these delicate procedures.  Sure, they might have gotten a recommendation from a friend who managed to achieve a good result from someone who is less-than-an-expert.  But, are you willing to play those same odds with your genitals if you have surgery done by this same person?

The facts are, that even good surgeons agree that experience and training are paramount above all other things to consider.  A major peer-group journal sums it up best, in their editorial . . . “Experience Counts.”  In summary, surgical skill and proper training are paramount in showing good surgical results with the fewest complications.  Think about this key point when determining your perspective surgeon’s training, or level of experience in vaginal surgery.

From Obstetrics & Gynecology Journal—Barbara Levy, M.D.—April 2012

“Experience Counts.  So does some ill-defined but measurable quality called surgical skill.  Two studies published in this issue…”


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