Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it better to have labiaplasty done at an early age if there is a need, or is it better to wait until one gets older?
My 15-year-old daughter has enlarged labia minora and it’s become an issue with her emotionally. She is asking about surgery to make her look more normal. My gynecologist says that it can be done in his office. What is the difference in having this procedure done in his office instead of going to someone who specializes in this procedure?
Is it recommended to undertake this type of surgery if I've not had children yet?
Could labiaplasty cause insensitivity?
Is the skin around my clitoris involved in the procedure?
Can I have an asymmetrical labia fixed to appear like the other side? If so, is the cost the same as a total labiaplasty?
Is it possible to inject fat around the vagina?
What is considered normal labia size?
How soon after my surgery can I resume normal sexual intercourse?
Can vaginoplasty and labiaplasty can be done at the same time—and is there a cost savings?
Can I send digital pictures to do a phone consultation and then fly down for the preoperative consult before surgery?
What is Vaginoplasty?
Can I still have vaginoplasty even if I haven't had children?
How soon after vaginoplasty can I have sex?
How soon can I get back to work?
What are the risks and complications?
Is vaginoplasty covered by insurance?
What tests are required before surgery?
Will it hurt?
How soon can I get back to work?
When will I can I expect to see the final result?
What are the risks and complications?
Will there be scars?

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