Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith
Gynecologist - MD, FACOG, AACS
Dr. Hardwick-Smith specializes in vaginal and vulvar cosmetic surgery and is the first gynecologist in Houston to focus on cosmetic gynecology. With over 18 years of experience in vaginal surgery, she has treated hundreds of women in Houston and from around the world. Dr. Hardwick-Smith and her staff are focused on service and believe in treating each patient as they would like to be treated.
Dr. Ryan Stanton
Plastic Surgeon - MD, ABPS, ASPS
Dr. Ryan Stanton is a fully credentialed board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon focusing on cosmetic plastic surgery in Los Angeles, California.
Dr. Susan Kolb
Plastic Surgeon - MD, FACS
Dr. Susan Kolb is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and is a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Medicine. Combining compassionate care and holistic healing modalities, she creates a truly unique surgical experience. Dr. Kolb has performed female aesthetic genital surgery for over 24 years.
Dr. Victor Liu
Plastic Surgeon - MD, FACS
As a plastic surgeon, he specializes in improving the appearance of the genital area doing labiaplasty and other procedures to acheive his results.
Dr. L. Scott Ennis
Plastic Surgeon - MD, ASPS
Dr. Scott Ennis is known around the world as a master in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. Known for the beautiful, natural-looking results that he delivers, Dr. Ennis’ patients travel from all around the world — including Europe, South America and Asia — to be treated by him, some of whom seek his expertise in performing revision surgeries that correct complications from their previous surgeries.
Dr. Valerie Knudsen
Gynecologist - MD, FACOG
When your body goes through difficult changes that cause problems, you need an experienced gynecologic surgeon. With 25 years of surgical experience, operating weekly you know that Dr. Knudsen can do your surgery safely and with minimally invasive techniques. She is a master robotic surgeon.“
Dr. Uma Penmetsa
Gynecologist - MD, ACOG
A personal note from Dr. Penmetsa to her patients: In my daily women’s health practice I see women for a broad range of obstetrical and gynecological care. Understanding the sensitive nature of women’s health, we work together at ParkWest to create a welcoming, warm and empathetic environment where women of all ages feel safe and supported in their decisions about their health. It is particularly rewarding to me when I have truly been able to help my patients. Whether through pregnancy and delivery, gynecologic issues, or those whose daily life is impeded physically by intimate issues, my patients’ wellbeing is always foremost in my mind. This has naturally led to providing cosmetic gynecologic procedures in my practice.
Dr. Kathryn White
Gynecologist - MD, FACOG
Dr. White and her staff of trained women’s health professionals are eager to help Frisco Women lead healthier, happier lives. For your convenience, please feel free to complete the contact form to reach one of our technicians or Dr. White as quickly as possible. We check our databases regularly, and can contact you with more information regarding some of our services, and how you can start making an appointment. Please be as detailed as possible with your request, and we will do our best to answer any questions that you may have. Contact us today, and learn how you can start living your best life today!
Dr. Michelle Owens
Cosmetic Surgeon, Gynecologist - MD, FACOG
At Acadia Women's Health, we pride ourselves on having highly trained physicians and staff members who proudly serve women in the Acadiana area. We utilize cutting edge equipment and technology to render the utmost care to our patients. Our mission is to provide personal and professional attention in a welcoming women-centric environment.
Dr. Jennifer Owen
Gynecologist - MD, FACOG
Dr. Owen has been practicing for more than 17 years and specializes in obstetrics and gynecology.
Dr. Rubin Frenkel
Gynecologist - MD
With more than two decades of experience, Dr. Frenkel is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of gynecological and obstetrical issues
Dr. Kevin O’Grady
Plastic Surgeon - MD, CSPS, ASPS
Dr. Diana Vallecilla
Gynecologist - MD
Harbin Clinic provides healthcare for every stage of a woman's life, from adolescence through menopause and beyond.
Dr. Heather Furnas
Plastic Surgeon - MD
We put the time in before your surgery to understand and appreciate your goals, and painstakingly plan each procedure. It's no wonder why we have such a low revision rate, along with so many satisfied patients who come back to us for their cosmetic care and refer their friends. Our patients are treated like family. We are personally committed to helping you look and feel your very best. Dr. Furnas and every staff member are dedicated to treating you as if you are the only patient for the day, making sure to listen closely to your concerns and answer your questions with honesty and compassion.
Dr. Jose Nodarse
Gynecologist - MD
Dr. Nodarse's mission is to provide the highest standard of patient care. He believes in educating his patients, so that they can take on more active roles in the management of their conditions.
Dr. Carmela Pettigrew
Gynecologist - MD
Dr. Pettigrew was voted Best OB/GYN in Savannah by Savannah Magazine for 2010 and Best OB/GYN in Savannah by Connect Magazine for 2011.
Dr. Gennadiy Ivanov
Gynecologist - MD
Dr. Ivanov focuses on Gynecology and Women’s Preventive Health. His true passion is minimally invasive procedures in gynecology to avoid major surgeries.
Dr. Armen Kirakosyan
Gynecologist - MD, FACOG, FPMRS, FRCSC, FACS
Dr. Sasha Svystonyuk
Gynecologist - MD
Rated as one of the best Gynecologists (OBGYN) in Toronto, Dr. Svystonyuk is a surgeon who specializes in the health of the female reproductive, sexual systems and related disorders and how they affect the overall health of the body. Dr. Svystonyuk is an authority in Female Wellness and Vaginal Rejuvenation and Vulvar health.
Dr. Jennifer Adams
Gynecologist - MD, FRCSC
Dr. Adams is dedicated to understanding and achieving her patient’s needs; she believes that women have a right to “feel as good as they desire” and understands how female sexual well-being and appearance can affect your whole life. She has developed a uniquely comprehensive approach to cosmetic gynecology. Dr. Adams is highly trained in non–invasive surgical procedures. Her warm personality, and gentle spirit put individuals at ease, while her meticulous surgical skills and extensive experience bring natural results to all of her work. Dr. Adams offers the latest research, technology, and knowledge to provide the highest level of care. She prides herself on offering her patients a holistic, nurturing environment that honors their body, mind, and spirit.
Dr. David Ghozland
Gynecologist - MD
Dr. Ghozland's approach to patient care is, “honesty is the best policy,” and strongly believes that each patient should feel comfortable asking any questions they may have about their procedure.
Dr. Gina Allison
Gynecologist - MD
Dr. Allison provides gynecology and preventative health care to women of all ages. She works to gain the trust and confidence of her patients needed to successfully address these health issues—both complicated and routine—which can have a dramatic impact on a woman’s quality of life and sexuality.
Dr. Laure Lauriston
Gynecologist - MD, FACOG
Dr. Laure Lauriston is an OB/GYN and the principal physician for Mesdames in Yonkers, New York. As a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist she offers a full menu of services including contraception, prenatal care, circumcision, fibroid treatment, and any concerns regarding a woman’s reproductive health.
Dr. Federico Gonzalez
Plastic Surgeon - MD, ABPS, ASPS
Dr. Gonzalez combines a respected academic background and lengthy tenure as an experienced labiaplasty surgeon to offer patients personal attention and the highest quality care in a private practice setting. His focus on vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal surgery—including his emphasis on developing and perfecting new procedures published in respected medical journals—has resulted in him being considered one of the most experienced physicians in the Kansas City region in labiaplasty and vaginoplasty.
Dr. Otto Placik
Plastic Surgeon - MD, ABPS, ASPS
Dr. Placik believes in not only giving patients the best in medical care, but also in achieving a sensitive understanding of their aesthetic goals. Every member of our medical and support team wants to help you gather the information you need to make the best possible decision.
Dr. Sam Gershenbaum
Plastic Surgeon - D.O.
Dr. Gershenbaum is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and has over twenty years of experience and specializes in body contouring implants. His meticulous attention to detail has earned him a reputation as a
Dr. Bernard Stern
Gynecologist -
We're sorry, but Dr. Stern has retired and is no longer seeing patients.
Dr. Richard Rosenfield
Gynecologist - MD, FACOG
Dr. Richard Rosenfield is a Board Certified Gynecologist and has been practicing medicine in Oregon since 2000. Dr. Rosenfield trained at Stanford University and has extensive experience in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery, including pelvic floor reconstruction for prolapse correction and correction of urinary incontinence. Dr. Rosenfield has lectured nationally and internationally about surgical techniques in Gynecology. His knowledge of functional pelvic anatomy allows for expert anatomical restoration and rejuvenation including contour preserving labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and other prolapse operations.
Dr. Daniel Levin
Gynecologist - MD, FACOG
Dr. Robert Jason
Gynecologist - MD, FACOG
Dr. Jason has dedicated his practice to the growing field of Cosmetic Gynecology since 2004. He helps any patient feel confident and at ease when deciding to undergo these types of procedures. In addition to his work in cosmetic gynecology, Dr. Jason also provides routine gynecological care and specializes in the treatment of fibroids.
Dr. Robert Moore
Gynecologist - DO, FACOG
Dr. Robert D. Moore is an internationally recognized Laparoscopic and Vaginal Reconstructive Surgeon who has operated on patients from all over the United States and the world and is one of the FIRST Board-Certified Urogynecologists. He is widely known throughout the world for his pioneering techniques in minimally invasive vaginal reconstructive surgery and more recently in the field of sexual medicine and aesthetic vaginal surgery.
Dr. John Miklos
Gynecologist - MD, FACOG, FACS, FICS
Dr. John R. Miklos is an internationally recognized expert in Laparoscopic, Urogynecologic, and Aesthetics Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery.