How to Choose the Best Labiaplasty Surgeon

How to Choose the Best Labiaplasty Surgeon

Selecting a proverbial “All-Star” for your surgery is not as easy as it may seem.  The reason is because there’s a lot of Internet claims coming from many different sources about who is the best at performing labiaplasty and vaginoplasty.  Unfortunately, much of this is just chatter—claims of expertise that are largely unsubstantiated from surgeons who have limited knowledge or experience about the best techniques, or those not trained in these procedures.  Most horrifying of all are those surgeons documenting few or no procedures performed on a regular basis.  This last area—performing labiaplasty and vaginoplasty on a regular basis—is critical!  It takes hours of training to be proficient.  And, repetition ensures consistent results . . . so you don’t become a surgeon’s test subject.

“The most important decision you’ll make is NOT whether to have a labiaplasty, or vaginoplasty procedure performed . . . the MOST important decision you’ll make is to find the best surgeon for the procedure.”

However, there’s an easy solution to obtain the most experienced surgeon. has more industry gurus, FCGS pioneers, clinical study authors, legal medical experts, lecturers, global leaders and specialists in labiaplasty and vaginoplasty than any other source . . . so your selection process now easier . . . and to your good fortune . . . much safer.

To begin, there are many aspects involved when selecting a good surgeon.  Criteria you need to consider and questions you should ask (either to us, or the surgeon directly) can, but not always, include:

How long has the surgeon been in practice doing labiaplasty and/or vaginoplasty procedures?

Why is this important?  Because the very best surgeons in genital surgery have been doing it for a long time.  Or, as everyone has to begin somewhere, at the very least they’ve been trained by a recognized expert, like those on, and have learned these expert skills—passed on to them by global experts.  They’ve honed their skills and have developed an aesthetic eye because of this training, developed over years by our surgeons.  Skills directly impacting the success of your labiaplasty, vaginoplasty or clitoral unhooding procedure.  If they’ve been doing it a long time AND can document many cases that’s a good sign.  But, to be fair . . . as everyone has to start somewhere, no matter the profession . . . the surgeon you choose should either show many cases of success and length in practice, or at the very least, has BEEN UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF A LABIAPLASTY surgeon for their medical training.

How many procedures have they done in total and/or have they received formal training from an industry expert?

Knowledge of the foundation principles is vital in almost everything, and no one wants to be the “guinea pig,” so to speak.  So, it’s important that the surgeon you choose has either done many, many procedures . . . or has been under the watchful eye of a trained surgeon who has done many procedures.

So, don’t be fearful of asking, “How many procedures have you done, Dr. XXX?”

If they’ve not done at least 50 procedures in the last two years, you next question should be, “Which labiaplasty/vaginoplasty surgeon trained you if you’ve not done a lot of procedures?”

Then ask for references.  It’s okay to ask.  If someone takes offense to you asking for this—MOVE ON!  Our surgeons have done over 20,000 labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and other FCGS procedures to date.  They know what they are doing.

How many procedures do they do regularly?

Practice makes perfect.  It’s well known.  Having someone that does a genital surgery once every few months is not someone that does it regularly (unless they’re just beginning AFTER being trained by a medical expert, assuring they’ll get it right).  Find someone that does many, many procedures, so they’re up to speed on what works, what doesn’t, what looks best, what to avoid, and what you can expect.  The need for consistency is paramount because it takes an expert “eye” to determine BEFORE any procedure that not all tissue responds the same way when incised.  Every situation is different.   Again, practice makes perfect.  Ask them to provide you with the name of at least three recent patients and dates of those procedures.  Check, check, check.  The surgeons on this web portal have done thousands of procedures on a regular basis.

Do they give lectures to other surgeons at medical meetings on labiaplasty or vaginoplasty techniques or on other related medical matters?

Generally, if someone knows their material well enough, they’re usually asked to speak about it to peers at annual medical meetings, or regional events.  Sometimes they elect not to convey this information to others because of a specialized technique that they’ve developed over the years, but they still have the knowledge, and even then they’ll usually be asked to disclose what they know.  Most of the surgeons on the portal have not merely spoken at many respected medical events, but some have been keynote speakers because they are industry leaders.  Just remember . . . if a surgeon is respected enough by his peers to talk about procedures at meetings in front of hundreds of other surgeons, they probably know their subject material very, very, very well.  So much so, that they are considered an expert and hence are a good choice for you to consider for your procedure.

Has the surgeon ever authored peer-reviewed medical scientific papers?

There’s no doubt about it . . . if the doctor you’re about to choose is one who is published in medical journals, they’re probably a good choice for making your short-list of surgical candidates.  Why?  Because they know the procedures inside and out—and can write about them to other surgeons in peer-review publications (not media or news events).  These journals like the Journal of Sexual of Medicine, and numerous others, have stringent criteria and are considered the best-of-the-best for accurate information, and most have MDs on board to review what is submitted for truthfulness.  But, not all surgeons are writers and you should not solely make any decision based on this criteria alone—however, those that have the ability to communicate clearly what they do in surgery, are those that often have solid communication skills that will make the process of explaining the procedure to you much less cumbersome and with greater clarity.  Our surgeons are published experts and most are industry gurus.

Have they invented new surgical techniques for labiaplasty or vaginoplasty?

Being trained by an expert is a good start for a surgeon who wants to specialize in labiaplasty or vaginoplasty.  But, it takes years of experience to take that knowledge to the next level and become so good that the surgeon invents new medical devices to aid them in labial and vaginal procedures to enhance their results.  They know what works best and sometimes they even patent new instruments that bear their name, or techniques that then become adopted by other surgeons down the road.

Have they been admonished by a State medical board, been on probation, or lost their license over ANY complaint or liability issue? If so, run for the door!

There is simply NO REASON for ANY surgeon to have their license revoked by a State Medical Board as a result of their actions or the actions of their medical staff.  None!  Yet, there are many surgeons even today, with wonderful websites that make them look professional beyond repute.  Yet, they are hiding a dirty, little incompetent secret . . . one filled with mistakes—and some have even been responsible for patients’ deaths or permanent physical (and mental anguish) damage.  If a surgeon has his license on probation, or if he has been sanctioned by a State Medical Board, OR LOST HIS LICENSE . . . beware.  They are bad surgeons and should NOT be in practice ANYWHERE!  There is NO surgeon on our web portal that has had his license revoked.  None.