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Dr. Michael Goodman
Dr. Michael Goodman has practiced Gynecology, Pelvic Support and Vagino-Vulvar Aesthetic Surgery, Perimenopausal Medicine, Health Enhancement, Sexology and Bone Densiometry in Northern CA since 1972; he has been in Davis, CA, since 2000. He is an experienced pelvic and labial surgeon and is Board Certified in Gynecology, an elected member of the Society of Reproductive Surgeons and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and is accredited as an Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon by the Accreditation Council on Gynecologic Endoscopy. He is a trained and Accredited Clinical Bone Densiometrist and is the only Certified Menopausal Practitioner and Clinician in his area of Northern California.
Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith
Dr. Hardwick-Smith specializes in vaginal and vulvar cosmetic surgery and is the first gynecologist in Houston to focus on cosmetic gynecology. With over 18 years of experience in vaginal surgery, she has treated hundreds of women in Houston and from around the world. Dr. Hardwick-Smith and her staff are focused on service and believe in treating each patient as they would like to be treated.
Dr. Uma Penmetsa
A personal note from Dr. Penmetsa to her patients: In my daily women’s health practice I see women for a broad range of obstetrical and gynecological care. Understanding the sensitive nature of women’s health, we work together at ParkWest to create a welcoming, warm and empathetic environment where women of all ages feel safe and supported in their decisions about their health. It is particularly rewarding to me when I have truly been able to help my patients. Whether through pregnancy and delivery, gynecologic issues, or those whose daily life is impeded physically by intimate issues, my patients’ wellbeing is always foremost in my mind. This has naturally led to providing cosmetic gynecologic procedures in my practice.
Dr. Mona Hardas
At our office, we seek to provide the highest level of care through our highly skilled health care professionals and state of the art technologies. In addition to offering a full range of obstetrics and gynecology services, our board certified physician, Dr. Mona Hardas is specially trained in minimally invasive gynecologic procedures, such as da Vinci surgery.
Dr. George Chambers
Dr. Chambers is the only board certified OB/GYN in Nevada who is certified in sexual health medicine. As a sexual health clinician, Dr. Chambers is able to address hormonal regulation of female sex drive (libido) and orgasm as well as address causes of female painful sex disorders.
Dr. Bernard Stern
Dr. Stern has over 25 years of private practice experience and is one of the select few with advanced training and expertise in the fine art of cosmetic surgery of the female genitalia and now limits his practice exclusively to these procedures.
Dr. Richard Rosenfield
Dr. Richard Rosenfield is a Board Certified Gynecologist and has been practicing medicine in Oregon since 2000. Dr. Rosenfield trained at Stanford University and has extensive experience in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery, including pelvic floor reconstruction for prolapse correction and correction of urinary incontinence. Dr. Rosenfield has lectured nationally and internationally about surgical techniques in Gynecology. His knowledge of functional pelvic anatomy allows for expert anatomical restoration and rejuvenation including contour preserving labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and other prolapse operations.
Dr. Phillip Agrusa
OGA practices what is known among experts as evidenced-based medicine. What does this mean to our patients? It means there is less reliance on the opinion or experience of a single practitioner, more confidence in the clinical effectiveness of a specific procedure, and stronger advocacy within the medical field for a particular treatment or protocol. You can be assured you are receiving the best and most appropriate care – not merely popular or highly profitable options.
Dr. Valerie Knudsen
When your body goes through difficult changes that cause problems, you need an experienced gynecologic surgeon. With 25 years of surgical experience, operating weekly you know that Dr. Knudsen can do your surgery safely and with minimally invasive techniques. She is a master robotic surgeon.“
Dr. Kathryn White
Dr. White and her staff of trained women’s health professionals are eager to help Frisco Women lead healthier, happier lives. For your convenience, please feel free to complete the contact form to reach one of our technicians or Dr. White as quickly as possible. We check our databases regularly, and can contact you with more information regarding some of our services, and how you can start making an appointment. Please be as detailed as possible with your request, and we will do our best to answer any questions that you may have. Contact us today, and learn how you can start living your best life today!
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